Huston, sattelite “Portfolio” is back in orbit

Started working on my e-learning portfolio… again!

I hope this made you smile… I’m not working for NASA and of course I’m not in space. Well, for the last couple of years I was somewhat “lost in space”. This is my second year of parental leave, so I decided to take down my old portfolio, web site and blog and start developing a new one from scratch. Yeah, out with the old, in with the new. And that’s not all… I also decided to enroll in a third M.Ed last year, this time on “Technology and Language Education” at Aristotle University. It was AWESOME! Most teachers were great, some courses provided hands on experience in online language learning and I enjoyed classes in Thessaloniki and meeting colleagues afterwards. I really enjoy being a father of two girls and spend a lot of time with my family, but I needed some quality time on my own, to further improve my skills as a professional in the e-learning industry.

So, here is my wordpress hosted e-learning portfolio. Got myself a domain name at and started drafting my “online-presence”. I’m also working on my thesis: Developing Student Support Services for Online Learning Platforms, which will be submitted on April 10/2017.

I’ll be documenting my portfolio development here and publish articles on teacher development, e-learning and instructional design, so stay tuned!

Author: Kostas Antoniou

I’m a German teacher and teacher trainer for the Greek Ministry of Education. In this role I teach German as a foreign language in primary, secondary and post-secondary education in public schools in Greece. Furthermore, I’m involved in teacher training and development courses, working as an E-Learning Course Designer. In 2012 I was awarded the “Excellence and Innovation Award” by the Ministry for my being part of a team, which trained more than 1500 primary and high school teachers online from 2010 to 2012.

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