How good are Lynda’s training videos for teacher training and development?

This is not a review of Lynda’s training videos, it’s just my humble opinion as an Elearning Course Designer and Teacher trainer. Honestly? They rock!!! This is not some kind of add, but I’ll try to explain a little bit about my context. As a teacher in Greece I don’t have access to a variety of teacher training initiatives. In fact I don’t have access to any teacher training courses from the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Educational Policy or the school district. The Greek crisis is choking any teacher development programs… and the few that are available are either not for my specialty (I’m a teacher of German) or are booked almost instantly.

And then there’s the Internet. Most of the content is free, but some of it is paid… and there’s where Lynda’s video courses come in! As a teacher, I’m trying to keep my skills up-to-date. New web services and tools, new software, even new skills in other areas like marketing can be acquired through these courses. – Teaching and marketing, how does that relate to public schools? Here in Greece it doesn’t. But just some basic understanding or even the soft skills are valuable in interaction with school partners in European exchange programs like Erasmus+. Project Management courses? Why not?! I didn’t become a seasoned Project Manager through a training video, but some of the hard skills I got were very useful in the School District. And furthermore, this course whet my appetite to dig further and consider getting a certification in PM. Even courses I just viewed for my own pleasure offered a lot of “aha” moments.

Unfortunately, teachers won’t find courses in Lynda 100% relevant to the subjects they teach, but a video course on Linkedin can vastly improve their understanding on the world-wide-job market, if they teach in a vocational training institute. And these are only a few examples, why I love making myself a cup of coffee and enjoying some good quality self paced learning through training videos, like Lynda ones!

So, as a teacher, how do you keep your skills up-to-date?

Author: Kostas Antoniou

I’m a German teacher and teacher trainer for the Greek Ministry of Education. In this role I teach German as a foreign language in primary, secondary and post-secondary education in public schools in Greece. Furthermore, I’m involved in teacher training and development courses, working as an E-Learning Course Designer. In 2012 I was awarded the “Excellence and Innovation Award” by the Ministry for my being part of a team, which trained more than 1500 primary and high school teachers online from 2010 to 2012.

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