Why I blog

Most of the time I find myself developing courses and content for teacher training and development with minimum resources… or none at all. I’m not always lucky to work with a team of instructional designers, content developers or other subject matter experts. In fact, I’m used to working  alone with little or no funding, struggling to offer the best learning experience and content to my colleagues… and that’s why I blog.

I blog to share my tips and trick, ideas, insights and opinions on how to develop effective training even with low cost or free resources. What would you do, if you were in my shoes? Give up? Blame the crisis or simply push forward with the means you have at your disposal? If you choose the latter, connect with me through this blog and find me on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Who am I

I’m a German teacher and teacher trainer for the Greek Ministry of Education. In this role I teach German as a foreign language in primary, secondary and post-secondary education in public schools in Greece. Furthermore, I’m involved in teacher training and development courses, working as an E-Learning Course Designer. In 2012 I was awarded the “Excellence and Innovation Award” by the Ministry for my being part of a team, which trained more than 1500 primary and high school teachers online from 2010 to 2012.

Before getting a permanent teaching job, I had worked for Platon Schools in Katerini, Greece. I taught German, but I was very lucky to get involved in European Projects and work with Canonical’s Edubuntu team, Universal Learning Systems and Intercollege.

I love my work as a German teacher, but I’m really passionate about e-learning. My favorite part of the course development process is working with subject matter experts to develop effective content and activities. I consider myself a people-person and prefer to work in a team rather than solo.

My specialties: Instructional design, developing online courses, facilitating online courses, developing high-quality multimedia content for online learning, adult Learning, teacher development, teaching German as a second or foreign language, analyzing language learning needs.

Elearning Software: Moodle, ATutor, Schooltool (SIS), Articulate Engage, Camtasia