If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below…

  • “How can I become a successful teacher trainer?”
  • “How can I get more teachers to enroll my online courses?”
  • “How can I develop high quality content with the latest authoring tools?”
  • “How can I deploy innovative online courses”?
  • “How can I make the most of my hardware/software as a teacher trainer?”
  • “How can I offer effective online student support services?”

…then you’re in the right place.

I created this blog for you

My goal is to provide fellow teachers and teacher trainers the necessary tools to further develop their skills and create content for their courses. You won’t find a payed section  and everything is free to download and use. I will try to keep the content as simple as possible so you can use it in your own settings, without spending much time editing.

Who I am

I’m a Greek teacher of German and a teacher trainer for the Greek Ministry of education. In this role I teach German as a foreign language in primary, secondary and post-secondary education in public schools in Greece. Furthermore, I’m involved in teacher training and development courses, working as an E-Learning Course Designer.

I hold a university degree in German Philology (Aristotle University) and three MEds in: Applications of Technology in the Fields of Language Communication (Arisotle University), Education Sciences- Life Long Learning (Open University of Cyprus) and Technology and Language Education (Aristotle University). Though I consider myself well-versed in e-learning and adult education, I never miss an opportunity to further develop my skills through online courses every year.

What I do

Most of the time I find myself developing courses and content for teacher training and development with the latest authoring tools and cutting edge educational technology. I love my work as a German teacher, but I’m really passionate about e-learning. My favorite part of the course development process is working with subject matter experts to develop effective content and activities. I consider myself a people-person and prefer to work in a team rather than solo.

My specialties:

  • Instructional design
  • Student support services
  • Developing online courses
  • Facilitating online courses
  • Developing high quality multimedia content for online learning
  • Adult Learning
  • Teacher training and development

Stay tuned!

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