Moving to my summer office

I was searching for an appropriate blog post title to start my new blog, but nothing can accurately express the feeling of leaving school for the summer. It was a very long and productive year. Teaching almost 120 students in 5 schools was a challenge, but I managed to “survive” and successfully complete most, if not all, my professional and personal goals.

Plaka Litochorou
Summer at Plaka Litochorou

Primary and high school teachers in Greece enjoy 60 days of summer vacations. Once or twice we have to go to school for administrative work, but it’s a couple of mornings. I rarely sit idle and do nothing. While I enjoy my holidays, I’m used to declutter my teaching material, develop new content, get up-to-date with the latest trends and spend time improving my skills through Udemy or some other of e-learning platform.

I’m lucky enough to spend two months in our home by the sea and that’s where I’m moving my “office” every summer. My favorite spot has a great view and I love working here in the mornings. Family wakes up usually a couple of hours later and they want to get to the sea. I’m an early bird, so I enjoy 2-3 hours of solitude, before hitting the beach with my girls. Working on the foot of the Mountain of the Greek Gods Olympus is inspiring and time flies while I enjoy my morning coffee in the summer breeze.

So… here is my “to-do” list for this summer:

  • Start developing this blog and add content
  • Enroll 2 courses on Udemy to further develop my skills as a blogger
  • Find an appropriate Student Information System for my next batch of 120 students
  • Fine tune my teaching material and lessons plans

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